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Rod Poyser Inspections offers a range of services for residential and commercial properties.
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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Decisions, decisions! There is so much to consider when selecting a property. Do you want to gain increased knowledge and be reassured that the property you are buying has no hidden costs?

You are dealing with a large financial investment, so a small financial investment now will ensure your confidence when making your property purchase decision and securing the sale of your chosen dream property.
Rod Poyser Inspections cater for a diverse range of clients. Residential property purchasers, who are buying to relocate, first home buyers and investors, as well as purchasers of commercial property are catered for.

We have developed a comprehensive inspection checklist, in accordance with the Australian Building Standards AS4349.1, to produce an electronic report with detailed coloured photos. This pre-purchase inspection scrutinises every aspect of your property, the building exterior and interior, and the property site is not overlooked. Our reports document Major Defects and Minor/Maintenance defect items with advice on the overall structural integrity of the property.

Eliminate your doubts about your property and engage Rod Poyser Inspections.


Pre-Auction Reports

When the hammer goes down and the agent shouts SOLD do you really know what you have just bought?

Pre-Auction reports are a valuable resource to fully evaluate the property before placing a well-informed bid or making an offer prior to auction.

The Vendor may have completed a Vendor Report with Rod Poyser Inspections to provide the purchaser with an insight into the property before it goes to auction. If not, we can do a “Pre-Auction” report for you.
The process and format of the report is the same as a pre-purchase inspection for a property that is on the open market.

Have an advantage over your competitors come auction day with a Rod Poyser Inspections Reportons.

Vendor (Pre-Sale) Inspections

Do you want a vendors’ advantage when selling your property? Then a Rod Poyser Inspections Vendor Report Package is for you.

Find our more and our vendor report package pricing

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☑ Pre-sale comprehensive electronic report with photos – residential or commercial
☑ Identify & rectify if needed any current or potential issues
☑ Avoid a holdup with sale process
☑ Report complies Australian Standards 4349.1-2007
☑ Inspector discusses the report findings

Vendor Report Process

Specific Purpose Inspections

Do you need a professional eye for advice on a residential or commercial property concern??

For a specific concern or defect you are uncertain of a Specific Purpose inspection can be completed by Rod Poyser Inspections.

The Specific Purpose can include:

  • Any non compliance of building standards and tolerances
  • Structural issues – uneven/movement in floors; cracking in ceilings, walls and floors
  • Site and Exterior structures garage, carports, verandas, balconies, patios, decks, stairs
  • Poor quality workmanship and finish of building materials
  • Dampness issues – inside the property or underneath (the subfloor space)
  • Drainage issues – exterior site drainage; roof and guttering of building; wet areas: Kitchen; Laundry and Bathroom
  • Ventilation and Insulation issues
  • Investigative issues- locating the cause of an issue eg: water stain/blemish on ceiling and how to rectify the problem

An inspection to identify the type of issue and to access the degree of the problem will provide a clearer picture of the issue for the owner of the property.

The Specific Purpose report will be presented with extensive labelled photos and easy to understand information so our clients can gain valuable knowledge to enable them to decide on the necessary action.

Are you about to rent your investment property and want to avoid a small concern becoming a bigger issue?

Specific PurposeCondition reports for landlords or Property Managers of agencies handling a rental property are also available. This will involve an independent report with evidence of the current condition of the property that an untrained eye may overlook. Defects will be documented as major, minor or maintenance items providing the landlord with a checklist of prioritised actions needed.

Whatever the specific property concerns contact Rod Poyser Inspections and we can help you.

Construction / Stage Inspections

Are you overwhelmed or anxious about the construction of your new home or want an independent eye to examine each stage?

Take control of your property construction with a stage construction inspection with Rod Poyser Inspections who are completely independent of the house builder. Stage construction inspections are designed to ensure correct building techniques, workmanship and quality during the construction process. Issues not identified along the way can cause a bigger problem later on and delay each stage. Stages are:

  • Base/slab – prior to pouring concrete footings and slab area are inspected
  • Frame – prior to installation of interior wall frame and roof framing are inspected
  • Lock up/Enclosed – inspection completed of external walls, roof cladding, windows and doors and waterproofing before wet area flooring/tiles is installed
  • Fixing/Pre painting – prior to painting inspection completed of finishing as well as fittings and internal fixtures
  • Final Handover -inspection audit in accordance with the Australian Standards

Rod Poyser Inspections stage construction inspection process is as follows: You decide on the service required – either our Series Package of inspections; any stage you are concerned about; or the final handover only. We liaise with the builder/site supervisor for a suitable time to access the site during construction. An electronic report with coloured photos is sent efficiently to you along with a verbal consultation. Second inspections to check if defects or certain omissions identified in the report have been satisfactorily rectified. Be reassured that everything is being built to a high quality of workmanship, materials and finishes by engaging Rod Poyser Inspections.

Dilapidation Reports

Are you concerned about the effects a construction project will have on neighbouring properties and want to avoid possible disputes?

A Dilapidation Report is a report on the actual condition of a property at a given point of time. It is to document any existing damage of a property prior to adjoining property site works commencing.

The state of any specific aspects of the property that may be affected by construction work, demolition or exaction is clearly documented. It protects both the client seeking a dilapidation report and the adjoining property owners to avoid disputes.

Dilapidation reports are carried out on the adjoining properties both before work commences and after they are completed. Construction and demolition work normally involves the use of heavy machinery and equipment, and can involve some extensive changes to the construction site. This work has the potential to cause damage to adjoining properties even with carefully managed projects.

Each report includes coloured photos, notes and measurements giving an accurate picture of the state of the properties inspected. Authorities may require areas to be documented beyond the building site. We include photographic and written record on our reports of the driveway cross over; footpaths and road side kerbs.
The reports are normally signed off by the owner of the property being inspected and the party completing the construction.

Rod Poyser Inspections know what to exactly look for when assessing the building and site for defects. We can complete the report efficiently to meet project timeframes.

Get independent expert evidence to protect yourself.

What our clients say

Rod Poyser Inspection – Fast & efficient, very thorough inspection of our property and well written report. The report has been very useful to our Architect in identifying urgent repair items and giving us the peace of mind to purchase the property. I would highly recommend and encourage anyone to use Rod for property pre purchases.

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