What is a Vendor Report?

When selling a property (either residential or commercial) Pre-sale Building Inspection Reports, known as a Vendor Report, can be completed by Rod Poyser Inspections to provide clients with a vendors advantage.

  • The vendor has the opportunity to rectify the issues if they wish to prior to listing the property.
  • The issues identified in the report will have explanation and possible solutions.
  • The report focuses on the defects and maintenance issues – some not as alarming as first thought.
  • Properties going to AUCTION are catered for with Rod Poyser Inspections.
  • We will work with vendor/agent for most suitable timeline to prepare the inspection report.

What does it look like?

A comprehensive electronic report with detailed photos is completed in accordance with the Australian Standards AS4349.1-2007 and will include:

  • General Site
  • Interior of Building
  • Exterior of Building
  • Site Structures
  • Roof Space
  • Subfloor Space
  • Services

An easy to identify legend for defects, minor/maintenance items and safety hazards, will provide easy to read relevant information on the current condition of the property.

Inspection Process

  • We will organise a date and time with the vendor/agent to access the property.
  • The Inspector will call the vendor after the inspection to discuss the findings.
  • If the vendor wishes the Inspector is more than happy to meet on site after the inspection process to discuss the findings of the inspection.
  • The report is usually sent to the vendor within 24 hours after the inspection.

Who pays for the report?

Vendor Fee

  • Depends on property size/location Fee:  from $250
  • Life of Report 2 months.
  • If issues rectified Vendor Refresher available for FREE
  • Further Life of Report 2 months
  • NOTE:  Pre-purchase inspection fee discount for Vendors next property purchase.

Purchaser Fee

For the life of Vendor Report Purchaser can consult Rod Poyser Inspections and have access to the property report
Fee:  from $175

After Report Expires

After the report expires a Pre-purchase Inspection can be completed for the purchaser.
Life of Report 30 days Fee:  from $390