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Specific Purpose Inspections

Specific Purpose Inspections

Do you need a professional eye for advice on a residential or commercial property concern?

For a specific concern or defect you are uncertain of a Specific Purpose inspection can be completed by Rod Poyser Inspections.

An inspection to identify the type of issue and to access the degree of the problem will provide a clearer picture of the issue for the owner of the property.

The Specific Purpose report will be presented with extensive labelled photos and easy to understand information so our clients can gain valuable knowledge to enable them to decide on the necessary action.

Are you concerned about the effects a construction project will have on neighboring properties and want to avoid possible disputes?

A DILAPIDATION report is what you need.

The specialised service to document the condition of a property adjoining the proposed construction site prior to the works commencing.

Whatever the specific property concerns contact Rod Poyser Inspections and we can help you.

We can tailor a property inspection package for all of your needs.